Top Five Successful Hispanic Actors in Hollywood

Some individuals are successful in beating the prejudice and adversaries in their fields. Today we are talking about some notable Hispanic actors who have made their mark in the industry. We can all agree that things may have not been easy when it comes to breaking into a white-dominated industry but they did it anyway. 

Chances are, you will find your favorite star in the list that follows. These people have not only survived the racial discrimination Hollywood is notorious for but also made their mark. The great thing about this list is that we are not talking about the Hispanic actors who were born and raised in America, we are talking about the ones who immigrated from their home countries and realized their American dream. 

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Now, without beating about the bush, let’s get down to our list of top ten Latinx actors.

1. Antonio Banderas

Many would like to think that this actor rose to stardom in Hollywood with his looks and charm. However, there is more to it. The living legend of Spanish films Pedro Almodóvar cast the actor in his films in the 80’s. 

By the 90’s, everyone knew this actor. The chief reason for his popularity is his highly successful performances in major Hollywood motion pictures like Philadelphia, Interview with the Vampire, and Desperado to name a few. He is known to be a man of humble personality and quick humor.

Known for his stupendous performances in The Mask of Zorro, Indiana Jones, Spy Kids, The Skin I Live In, and some flawless voice acting in Puss in Boots

2. Gael García Bernal

Star of the aforementioned Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También, and a frequent co-star of Adriana Barraza, this actor made his mark in Hollywood. He hails from a predominantly showbusiness family in Mexico. The most interesting thing about this actor is that he started acting as early as one year old. 

He made a reputation in telenovelas in his teens and went on to study chemistry. He is also known for his community service in promoting literacy in the Native Mexican populace.  His highest-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes are Cassandro, Neruda, and The Kindergarten Teacher. We particularly like his performance as a supporting actor in the role of a self-absorbed jilted lover in Letters to Juliet. 

3. Javier Bardem

This formidable actor is known for his incredible sex appeal and the unforgettable characters he has played. Bardem is also celebrated for his ability to become the role he is playing and be transformed. The film Before the Night Falls was his breakthrough performance. He also performed in a lot of notable pictures like No Country for Old Men, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Sky Fall, Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. He has received several Academy Awards for multiple films. 

4. Oscar Isaac

Majorly known for his role in Inside Llewyn Davis. He starred opposite celebrated actors like Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake. Isaac is highly appreciated for the versatility of roles he picks. His range is demonstrated in his filmography from Prince John in Robin Hood to Abel Morales, a family man in the film, A Most Violent Year. 

Now he does not shy away from emotional roles or action, he even starred in the Star Wars film series, as Poe Dameron. He received a Golden Globe for his role in Show Me A Hero. He has also secured major roles in the MCU including Spiderman. With Al Pacino as his inspiration, this Guatemala-born actor has received multiple awards. 

5. Pedro Pascal

With his regular-guy charm and an average Joe personality, Pedro Pascal is one of the most well-liked Hispanic actors in Hollywood. His filmography is very impressive although his success is based on various small roles. 

He then made it big with his role as Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. He then went on to star in the role of a real-life DEA agent in Netflix’s original Narcos. One of his finest archetypes is plating the anti-hero father figure. 

So, this is a compilation of our favorite Hispanic actors. They all have their distinguishing qualities. You can decide for yourself which one deserves the top of the list. Let us know in the comments.

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